I called in Jan 2021 to cancel after having had direcTV for almost 7 years. Last year when I called in they called me back and offered a huge discount but after another year of nothing new to watch we just wanted to cancel.

No confirmation email was received, nothing.

Not wanting to pay another month, I called back in Feb.

I'm not sure if the non-english cust service rep pulled a fast one or just did understand, but she cancelled the disconnect.

Now its March, another call, another request to cancel, and now a report filed with the FCC.

Finally spoke to someone stateside, who blamed me for the confusion but did cancel and is processing a refund.

My advice is to get the FCC involved. Do it on their website and you are more likely to get results.

Now have a streaming service for 1/3 the price with better variety.

User's recommendation: Just use a streaming service. Way better Customer support.

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

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