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I read the review of Kasha and agree that there should be a class action suit against this rip-off company. I had a two year agreement with them and after 27 months decided to terminate the agreement.

Direct TV charged me over $204 for early termination. They said that when they replaced the defective DVR that I was leasing from them, that automatically extended the contract for another 24 months. No one ever mentioned the extension and I didn't agree to an extension, but they applied it to my account and debited my charge card before I even received the invoice. When I called, I got the same "corporate shuffle" that Kasha received.

This company is a SCAM. I have already changed the minds of 4 people who were considering getting Direct TV. I think their business practices are criminal and are indicative of a company in trouble. I will continue to voice my dissatisfaction with this sham of a company.

They have a never ending supply of "supervisors" who say the same thing as if it is being read from a script. One even said my unit was under warranty and that I would be receiving a check. The next day I received an email that contradicted that.


Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Account.

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HI, my husband and I got direct tv. over a year ago.

Well our problems w/ direct tv started about 7 months ago when we moved into our new home, we were resigned up for a aditional 2 years w/o our concent, we didn't realize about it until our leased dvr messed up. we have been on and off the phone w/ direct tv no help, asking for a signed aggreement of us resigning another 2 years lease, they tried to get us to resign another contract when we had to get a new dvr, we said no, that we where still waiting on our contract that we invisabliy signed; all they told us was to contact the people that hooked up our servious..which is aggervating. on top of it all they where charging us for some magazine that we never even gotten and didn't want to pay us back. we also have a lease reseaver that they where suppose to send us a box for so we could send our old reseaver back.

i want out of our contract with direct tv.

i don't see how you can be under a contract you didn't resign..we are suppose to be out of the contract in 09 and now they are trying to make us stay till like 11, its *** crazy. someone if you have any words of wisdom please message me:) thanks


Same story here. Our rental box broke after 5 years with DirecTV and we were offered a replacement under the same terms.

The customer service rep left out the part that by activating the new box you would be signing up for a new contract. When we attempted to switch to Verizon Fios service well didn't we have a new contract! Should kept the broken box and waited for the Fios to installed. No way around the white collar criminals because if we didn't pay they kept increasing the late fee and their mumbo jumbo contract developed by the war room of attorneys made it virtually impossible to contest.

Lastly, all supervisors were abrupt and rude. Directv should drown.