Wentzville, Missouri
Not resolved

in feb they took 562.00 dollars from the card. the orginal bill was to be 35.00 per mo.

they charfe me 68.00 mo i tried to talk to them in dec and they would not change the bill so i told them to keep it turn off. in feb. they took the money out of the card without my authorzion andf then said they would turn it on again at 35.00 plus 5.00 something and i said ok. they kept 210.00 of my money i was understanding that i would get a bill in june at 40.00 a mo.

120.00 should have been for mar., apr. and may. the other 90.00 was for the bill in nov. and a reinstatement fee i thought.

no it was to rake us over for more money. the absolute worst service ever.

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