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We signed on with DirectTV with a two-year agreement. No prob.

But then we had to moved to an apartment. The apartments do not have individual outside doors with patios or balconies, and the apartment complex does not allow dishes to be mounted on their buildings or property. So i called to cancel and was told we would have to pay $120 in cancellation because we still had 6 months on our agreement. I explained about the apartment complex's rules, and they said they had to send a technician out to verify that a dish could not be installed in a way that would meet the management's approval.

He came, and he verified that and reported it to DirectTV. Twenty minutes later they called to complete our cancelation, and when they were going over the terms of it, that cancelation fee was still in there. So I challenged them on it, and they said that the only way it could be canceled was if there would be no way to get a signal in our location. If the management would allow a dish, we would be able to get the cancelation fee would stand.

Doesn't matter that the apartment complex's regulations prohibit it! What a ripoff!

I can't believe this is legal and no one has sued them over it. And frankly, I can't afford to do that.

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This is exactly my situation, I do not have direct payment set up, Direct TV got into my account and took $480 for early termination fee. I moved into school housing, likewise cannot have a dish.

I was promised if they send out a supervisor and he confirms with the Super of the building, it will be waived. I was now told there won't be a fee. They asked for a notarized letter from my principal, that was done, again I was told that this time the fee will be definitely taken off. As of tonight at 11:30pm they again went into my account and took out $205.

I just don't know what else to do. This is illegal, Direct TV did not honor their commitment. This is harassment. I have been dealing with this since June 5.

Every supervisor or manager have promised to call me back after reviewing but none has done so. But yet the collection department is calling me at midnight eastern time for money I don't owe them.

Please advise. Thank you,