I only had this service for 2 months. It didnt take a few weeks to get my 1st bill and it was not what the customer service rep quoted me.

I was told that I could bundle with AT&T and was quoted under 100 dollars. When I called about my bill I was told that the rep I spoke with lied to me that there was never a bundle that cheap. So they broke contract with me. Then I kept getting offers from AT&T to come to there company and have all 3 services at the rate that I wouldve been paying had the rep not lied to me.

4 months go by and I did not hear from DTV other than for their equipment back which was put in mail prior. I check my bank account and even though I was never on auto bill pay they had kept my debit info from where I had payed my bill and went into my account unauthorized. I am going to dispute this but probably will do no good. What makes it even worse is that the person in front of me at the bank this morning was there for the exact same reason.

How is this legal to keep someones card number on file and just use it when they saw fit. No bill came in the mail no e-mail came to me nothing. Then when I called a DTV rep they told me that there was nothing that they would or could do because they had that debit number they could use it whether I authorized it or not. Then to add insult to injury I was told that I was stilll being charged for the last 4 months of service even though they clipped my service and would be charged 400 dollars and 20 dollars for each month breaking contract that they broke first.

I inturn am writing a certified letter to the company and sending that same letter to the North Carolina Attorney General Office and to Action 9 news. If anyone else is going threw this please do the same. It can not be okay to do this to someone.

And they also are turning this in to a credit bureau which doesnt seem fair since they broke contract. It would be nice if I could charge them for breaking contract.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Bundle.

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I do that DTV does state in the contract that they can take $$ out of your account at any time for non-payment and if you don't return your equipment. I myself and bundle so I know that it shouldn't have happened to you but you can dispute the charges with your bank and probably get it back.


You will not get anywhere. The information that they keep you card on file is on all paperwork.

It sounds like att broke the contract since when you bundle they take over all the billing. You pay them then they pay directv.

They are the ones that actually set up the discounts. Your bank might give you the miney back ...but neither company will