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We moved into a new house and I signed up through Verizon's website for their Double Play promo: Verizon phone service and DirecTV service. It says right on the order sheet, month's 1-12 pricing = $86.99.

So my DirecTV is installed almost immediately (funny how that works since you only have 3 days to cancel their service) and a few days later the Verizon phone service. The phone service doesn't work. Something about a problem moving the phone number over from my previous provider. Two weeks later I get a text from DirecTV saying my services are no longer bundled with my phone provider and I get a bill from them for $157.

This is for 2 months service. I have spent countless hours on the phone with Verizon and DirecTV on dozens of phone calls. Finally, FINALLY, a month later Verizon fixes my phone. But now DirecTV has put my account into collections, after 1 month of service!!!

I call DirecTV and they are less than helpful and couldn't care less and basically says *** pay me". I call Verizon back, spend hours and hours, get hung up on 3 times, transferred over and over from department to department. Eventually a billing rep recommends that I pay my bill to DirecTV and informs me that my bill for Verizon will be $59.99 plus taxes/fees per month for the first 3 months. Then the "bundle" should go back through.

So I am paying about $150 per month instead of the $86.99 which I have proof that I agreed to on Verizon's site. This seems illegal and, at the very least, unethical. All of this is Verizon's fault, yet I am paying the price for it. I am a single Dad raising 3 kids and only signed up for the "bundle" since it was within my budget.

But since I am now in a 2 year "agreement" (READ CONTRACT) with DirecTV, I will have to cancel my phone service which the number is tied to my business and has been for 8 years.

In short, DO NOT EVER BUNDLE VERIZON AND DIRECTV!!!! You will have made a huge mistake.

You will be scammed. You will be told that there is some "problem" with the package going through and you won;t be getting the price you agreed to and you are now in a contract with another company.

I wonder how the CEOs of these two corporations sleep at night knowing they make their millions of dollars by ripping off hard working Americans.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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Some Suggestions::Be careful adding any equipment from DirectTV even if their equipment you have now fails for whatever reason because this will renew your contract with them for another 2 yrs. If you have a credit card or bank account on file with them, change the numbers of your bank account or credit card and do not let DTV have the new numbers.

get a prepaid card for their files. This will prevent DTV from helping themselves to your account if something were to happens in the future.