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I called Direct TV on 11/27/15 regarding some issues I was having but was transferred to a Uverse customer service rep who informed me that I had both Direct TV and Uverse. The representative who sold me Direct TV informed me Uverse would be cancelled and where to take the Uverse equipment (UPS Store) which I did. Can you imagine my disbelief when informed I have been paying for both Uverse and Direct TV.

Secondly, I was given access to movie channels for 3 months for coming onboard with Direct TV and was informed to call a couple of weeks prior to November 30th to cancel the movie channels if I decide not to keep. I explained to the rep I'd like to cancel the movie channel promotion as of 11/30/15. When I returned home that same day the movie channels had been disconnected.

I've had nothing but problems with Direct TV from scheduling the installation, movie channels cancelled two weeks prior to cancellation date and now finding out I was paying for both Direct TV and Uverse. I have been with ATT as long as I can remember and changed to Direct TV to save money so far that has not happened. I've cancelled my service with DirectTV and expect to pay no cancellation fee. I hope the return of my Uverse service is better than expected, as this has been an AWFUL and UNNESSARY ordeal for something that should be so easy. With so many people disconnecting entirely from cable service perhaps I should give that a try.

Will see what happens

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Channel.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: Not paying for cancellation .

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How do you have 2 services and not realize it???


Hi there. I just thought I would provide you with the phone number to the company who I used....All Star Communications.

They were wonderful. The guy I talked to was Dave Stepp.

His phone number is (817) 995-8180. Hopefully, he can help you!


They take money out constantly...my friend had over 850 of her child support card taken just because she let a friend make a paymmental over the phone to help a friend out, they gave her the cash, and she thought no biggie, 3 months later after she forgot about it all sudden no money on her card...and come to find out they have taken like 869 out of her child support, and they just told her to take the person to small claims court to get their money since direct TV already has theirs....and she never had their service ever...and her son had to go without school clothes...this was 4 years ago and she still does not have the money accounted for,bso they do not car if they take from disabled nor kids,nor even their own customers


Due to a disabled person and myself being ripped off through both our accounts ( no authorization given to take funds) direct TV didn't deserve anything but a -5 on all counts of ratings. Direct TV has bankrupted both a disabled person with many major medical issues where they can't afford to get their medications now, and myself putting my account in the hole with overdraft fees.

Unbelievable that a company can and does get away with this. This is most definitely a crime!!! For the disability funds ? - DOR has been notified and taking action.

For those who don't know who DOR is, it is Department Of Revenue ! You know ...

The Government !!!! I guess you really can't fix ***.