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When I signed up with Direct TV, I had the Dish Network for over 3 years and looking for a change. I was made to feel like Direct TV was a better fit because they advertised a better package of over 500 channels and the salesperson made you feel like you had so many channels at your fingertips. They DID NOT tell you of all the additional fees you would incur to access te additional channels.

My first bill was over 90 dollars, my dish bills never exceeded 80. I was told that my monthly bills would average roughly 68 per month. I called Direct TV and was very upset because not only was my bill much higher than Dish, I also was dissaisfied with the quality of service. There were so many channels I could not view because I did not order extra packages and he quality of the HD was not great. I decided to cancel my service and at that time was verbally told that, if I decided to cancel, I would have to pay an erly termination fee of 420 dollars, I was shocked! They gave me two 6 month free additional package to pacify me.

The next month, I recieved a bill for over 100 dollars and it was at this time I decided to cut my losses and accept the early termination fee and cancel my service. It was at this time that they informed me that they wound be drafting the money from my account but they did not say when. When I checked my account this AM, I was in the negative because Direct TV drafted over 540 dollars from my account. No courtesy call, no working with you to find out if it would be okay for them to go ahead with the drafting of the funds from your account. That was so wrong of them to be so uncaring.

I am not upset because of the above events which unfolded and am sure that all of this was in writing in the agreement. I am hurt more because of the level of deception by this company. Just like they could tell me at th time the events were to occur, they could have also explained these to me when I placed the order or when they showed up to install service. I hope all consumers can be reached about the practices of this company, I plan to work had in getting the word out to people in my family, my neighborhood, and my jobs. NO ONE SHOULD PATRONIZE DIRECT TV, NO ONE!

Monetary Loss: $540.

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Maybe all of you Directv customers should have read the customer agreement. You cant say DTV lied because they send you the customer agreement in the first bill.


I signed up for $29.99 and taxes for 150 channels, I insisted that the representative makes sure of his offer because I did not want any surprises in my bills. My bills started coming at $34.99 and taxes.

When I tried to explain it to them, they thought I was trying to be smart and get a lower price. I had the confirmation number and the name of the agent, but they didn't care.

Now the reception on most of the channels I watch is really bad, I called customer service, and they said a technician has to come out and there will be a one time fee of $79.99 or I can choose to pay $29 at first and 5.99 for 6 months. So I guess I'm gonna have to be paying a higher amount than I was offered, and not able to enjoy my shows for 18 months...


I had DTV once and finally got them out of my life. I have NO TV service now and would rather look at rented movies than all the bleeped, censored, commercial interrupted shows I was watching when I had Direct TV.

I am a night owl and after 2am there is nothing on anyway except infomercialls. I do not miss it one bit.