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I have just canceled my DirecTV service after 18 years as a customer. Ever since ATT took them over I have been unable to access my DirecTV account on line.

For the past 5 months I've had to call in to pay my bill. Those calls into the system ranged from 15 minutes to almost 45 minutes. I could never get anyone to help straighten out my account where I could access it on line .I have found DirecTV and ATT to be very difficult to do business with. In the age of streaming and cord cutting one would think they were be a little concerned about loosing a customer that had been with them so long.

They could care less. Getting rid of the DirecTV service will take a load of stress out of my life .I hope they continue to loose customers.

Maybe one day they will figure out how to take care of their customers. I doubt it though,,,,,,,

User's recommendation: Go with another service and save yourself some a lot of misery.

Preferred solution: Cancel my service and stay away from them..

DIRECTV Pros: Good picture.

DIRECTV Cons: Poor customer service and playing dirty tricks on customers.

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