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18 months ago I was *** enough to switch to Directv signing a contract for 12 months at $34.99 and then 6 months at full price. For the first 12 months the service was lousy, I was constantly loosing signals having to have repair out here to fix.

When I had my first problem I was told it would be $99 to send out a repair man or for $6 a month I could get a maintenance service contract. Being a no brainer I had to opt for the maintenace contract, being held captive to Directv and having to pay for their problems. Finally, the problems were worked out and the past 6 months have been ok. Now with the 18 month contract over, I called and cancelled Directv.

Low and behold, they are now concerned and want to keep me as a customer and offered to reimburse me for the maintenace contract fees. They have it on record all the problems I've had. If they treated the customer right in the first place they might be able to keep customers. Currently they are offering $100 for referring a friend to Directv...*** they should be offering the $100 to keep a persons mouth shut about their *** service and attitudes.

Finially I should mention that when I was about 7 months into the contract they attempted to increase the special price a few dollars a month.

I called and told them I had a contract and they could not increase the price. Their initial response was they have a right to raise prices any time they want. I told them that it was then a violation of contract and because they are breaking the contract I want the service cancelled. They back tracked in a big hurry and held the contract price.

Moral of the story...stay away from these crooks.

You will definately be sorry.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

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This also happened to me. I asked for the service to be suspended because I was moving out of the area. When I wanted to reconnect, they told me it was too late and the account went to collections for early termination fee and not returning the DVR for an amount of $460.00


I signed up for direct tv (direct ripoff) in may of 2009. After 3 months I called and told direct tv to suspend my service for up to six months.

The liar on the phone told me no problem. He told me I would just continue the contract at the time I called and asked them to turn it back on. So 5 months later I call them and they tell me I owe $386.40 for an early termination fee. They then tell me it went to collections.

The lady I was talking to was very rude. Isn't this just great?