I am writing in regards to the fact that the end of November I called and spoke with the representative let them know we would be moving from American Falls Idaho to Indiana at which time I asked for my services to be turned off on 6 December and that we would decide once we got to Indiana if we were going to go with DIRECTV I gave an address of where we were moving to Indiana so that the last bill could be sent to me I have paid $100 on my account since then and I have called and spoken with customer service three times which gets me nowhere now I receive an email.... seen that a bill that they sent out to me at my old address in Idaho has been returned your customer service needs to wake up and also I would like to know how I owe $112 still thank you for your time.....But then again DIRECTV is kind of ripped us off all along so I guess that explains that $112 bill I would appreciate a response back thank you

28850**** this is our account number the name on the account Kevin Du Plessis....Also after checking online I see theres a lot of upset DIRECTV customers

Location: Chicago, Illinois

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