I have been a DirecTV customer for years. Its keeps getting worse.

It is unfair that on my small social security check they overcharge so much. They force me to pay money every month when I refuse to watch sports. I dont want any part of paying for sports. It is very unfair that I have to pay for sports and dont watch it.

Then no senior citizens discount. Nothing to watch most of the time same old shows over and over. Nothing but the same repeats. I dont watch the black peoples channels or the Spanish channels but have to pay for it so they can enjoy it.

You get more unfair every day. The prices are horrible especially for low income seniors. You people are terrible and selfish because you dont care if you are robbing people to make yourselves rich.

I am going to start looking into another source to watch tv I will start checking othe cable providers prices and see who wont charge me for darn sports and who has lower price. I only watch like 8 channels.

The rest is junk. So many ads. Why should I pay for people to advertise

Its all pathetic to rob elderly especially. I am fed up with direct TV.

Even worse since AT&T took over.

So unfair and way to expensive.

Stick your sports channels up your. Wherever.

Patty Fromm / Robert Fromm


User's recommendation: Find another cable company. This one will force you to pay for a sports package and high prices for nothing but repeat shows.

Location: Belmont, New Hampshire

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