Me and my wife are moving to a new location. I already have several things under my name so we decided to get directv service under her name.

After we set it up we waiting after taking a day off and nobody came. So after we had to call they told us the acc. Was on hold. Are you ready for this??

The account was on hold because when my wife was living with her sister, her sister put her email and somehow her name was tied to the account. Hmm ok thats fine lets try to solve this. After numerous calls and speaking to "supervisors" we finally were told that because she lived there they couldnt do anything. Oh yeah btw she was SIXTEEN when this happend.

The only way they could allow us service is bye us bringing a bill in her name at that time. Are you kidding me ?? So I have to find a bill from 6 years ago to show you. Well needless to say she was 16 , she had no bills under her name.

Well that was the end of that. They gave us no other solution. I worked for directv for a year and my entire family has it.

I can gaurantee that mot only are you loosing me but my father uncle and mother in law are cancelling service. Tha k you for your help and just get in case you were wondering, you have the wooorst supervisors handeling situations in your company.

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