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Why should I continue to pay premium prices & not get what I thought I was paying for. We the customer should be compensated for this.

If I was at the store & went to check out with 5 items but the clerk charged me for 8 would I still have to pay? NOOOOO.

I care for my grandkids and NICK is one of the favorite channels, so what I have to be punished for Direct TV and Viacom not being able to agree on some kind of contract. And I still am expected to pay the premium monthly payment when so many channels are taken away from me?

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Customer Care.

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i really think we should only have to pay for the channels we watch,VH1 and stuff play all *** never use them most of their channels are useless to me except tv land Nickelodeon . why should we the consumer be force to pay to have channels piped into our own personal space that we don't want or use ..

Viacom is going to have to see the light on this one .

the American consumer should take them to task on this one . Especially with the economy like it is and families struggling a media company wanting 30% more of the billing outrageous

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