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Viceland unfit for distribution

Apparently a lot of people across the U.S. and Canada are very upset about the rebranding of the H2 (History Channel 2) over to a vile, trashy, reality channel (Viceland) with subjects you wouldn't want young children or early teens to watch. This new programming was changed by its parent company, A&E. I also found out that A&E is owned by Disney, no less, and the Hearst Corporations. Also found out that the H2 channel IS AVAILABLE OUTSIDE THE U.S. so they haven't completely destroyed the channel that 70 million here in the U.S. watched daily. The worst thing I found out about this new Viceland is that A&E has the fix in with the new channels ratings. Yep, they got Neilson ratings to not rate the shows on the channel for 6 months so it had some time on with what the article stated was media scrutiny. That, in itself, made me even more upset. Now, I've been told that we can all get the H2 channel back, but it will take some work from viewers like yourself to make this happen. That can only happen when:

1. Call your local cable/satellite company and complain specifically about the Viceland Channel.

2. Call and email the A&E network and complain about Viceland. You can also go to their facebook page and tell them what you think.

3. Call and email the Disney and Hearst Corporations and complain, they are the owners of A&E.

4. Absolutely do not watch the channel.....

Remember, the fix is in with the ratings process, we need to get our complaints out there to the people who put this trash on and have them return the History Channel 2.

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I guess Disney needed a tax writeoff since they pumped 400 Million dollars into this abberation...

I've removed all Disney programming from my channel lineup...


The VICELAND channel is disgraceful! The only reason I had cable was to watch H2.

It's bad enough that everything on TV is trashy reality social experiments. Now they're pushing more and more of a one-worldview.

Why can't it just be entertainment?



I totally agree. This channel is nothing but garbage.

It should be one of those pay per view channel so that the kind of people who appear in the programming can watch their filth and the rest of us are subjected to it. The programming itself is vile and vulgar enough without titles that are the kind of language that should be reserved for bar rooms and jailhouses. Disgusting!

Walt Disney would be heartbroken that the company he built from the ground up is now associated with this kind of trash. I want my H2 back!

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