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They just disconnected our satellite cable without informing us.we paid them on time every month and one afternoon when we went home from work we found out my receiver is disconnected and it was replacedby another receiver owned by our landlord (new account on direct tv)it only covers basic cable and additional filipino channel,far from what we have.We contacted them and asked them who gave them the permission to close our account and they said our account is still active. Ia asked them is it possible to have 2 accounts in one satellite disc ?A female employee said YES,so they sent a technician and even him said no such thing of 2 accounts in one disc.He wants to put another disc in the roof for our account and i said "NO,forget it".My point is to DIRECT TVthey are the one who violated our contract.They want us to pay early termination fee and its now at the collection agency.I told the agency take us to court and will see whose right and wrong.And one advice to DIRECT TV,educate your employees about your business.It seems like some ofyour people dont know what their doing.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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