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I had three additional receivers in my home. Direct Tv is big on the movement of receivers. Apparently if you disconnect the cable on the receiver, it voids the warranty and there is an additional $35.00 fee to properly connect it again, even though there is nothing wrong with the box. Oh and they continue to charge you the maintenance fee even though they just claimed the maintenance insurance was "voided".

I alos called the comapny on September 16 in order to terminate my service on October 11. I asked that the additional receivers be taken off the account since I no longer had them conected and the rep told me thaey would come off the bill. I was also told I was all set up for the 11th. He also tried to sell me on staying for wherever I was moving. No way in ***. This is the worst TV service I ever had in my life. The lousiest help on the phone and ,...no way in ***.

I had an issue today, the 4th of October and had to call to get my service restored. Not only aren't they giving me a one day refund/credit, but the receivers were on my bill dated 9/18/09. I call the rep and find out that the receivers were never disconnected. Turns out they can't deactivate them due to the disconnect order on the phone. The rep says that they may have put the disconnect order in before attempting to remove the receivers. I now have to contact a senior manager who will have no clue as to what to do and they will have stolen $15.00 from me. Do that to enough people and you have the Senior Manager's salary paid. What a bunch of scammers.

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Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #84120

Direct TV

Corporate Office

Ms. Ellen Filipiak

Sr. VP, Customer Care

2230 East Imperial Highway

El Segundo, CA 90245

Direct TV "hides" this address but I found it! Bombard Ms. Filipiak with your complaints! Maybe, just maybe, they will realize JUST HOW BAD their service is and make changes. They hire and train people to be TOTALLY INCOMPETENT and then tie to you exorbitant contracts when they fail to provide the type of service that is expected.

If the industries won't police themselves, we, as consumers, have an obligation to. Also, contact your local Consumer Protection Agency (listed on County Gov't websites) with your complaints. These "monopolies" are ILLEGAL and the Consumer has to stand up for their rights.

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