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over a year ago i authorized a third party charge to help a friend.september 19th 2009 directtv charge my credit card $384.02.

i don't even have directtv. they looked back at my friends pay history and because he was behind in paying his account they charged it to my card based on my third payrty payment over a year ago. i think this is as violation of some federal law and that they should be answerable for doing this-trying to colect from a third party.

i have written them several emails but nobody seems to accept cannot find an adress on line for the companys headquarters and if i could i would write thre president of the firm and see what he would do if a company did this to him

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To 2.Written by Margaret N:

How *** can you be?


They have it in letters as clear as day that 29.99 is the introductory price then it goes up.If you are suprised that is your fault.


Directv is the worst company I think I have dealt with in a long time.Years ago, I had Directv and had no problems with them.

For several months, I got a letter from them stating We missed you and want you back. I screwed up and changed back to them. I have had nothing but problems with billing and people that I talk to. When and everytime I called them I would ask to talk to a supervisor, and I would get hung up on everytime.

DO NO USE DIRECTV.I am stuck with a contract and can't wait for it to end.


direct tv are absolute out and out LIARS and THIEVES.They advertise a $29.99 price and say you can put the service on hold if you are not in town.

I bought their @%!!!

service and now the bill me $59 a month (1 tv only) and say I have a sports package (don't watch sports) I said change it to basic they said no I am locked in for the entire season!! What?? They also won't put the service on hold if I travel, they said they cannot for the first 3 months, and they just argue with you and never listen or help.

They are awful.The president ran the company that throws chemtrails in the air....I used to do business with this company and they were great, now completely EVIL!!!




#9 and #10 you are full of ***! You would have to be an *** to think you would get all the pro sports with just the msg channel. #10 I have had their new hi def dish and never lost signal, you're full of *** too plus your grammar sucks!


Here's some really good news for those who are "displeased" or angry with any subscription tv "service." Those crooks are equal opportunity offenders.

But the great news is that with the introduction of DTV (digital television) back in Feb.

2008 - no one ever needs to pay again. It is essentially the end of a era ... all the pay *** tv is obsolete. And it's no coincidence or accident that it's still the best kept secret in America.!

This is fact, I'm getting it and it's fabulous. All you need is the right antenna, a converter box (for old tvs) and a clear line of sight. That's it.

Pass it on ...I'm tired of doing this alone.


We have had DirecTV for the past 2 years.We have received the worst customer service on the phone and in person (technician).

We also cannot order PPV by tv, we must call it in and pay extra. I was also on the phone with someone in customer service that completely wasted my time and just messed with me. After talking with "Jim" for the first 10 min. about our service he would say, "Now, what is it you wanted?".

When I would explain it again, he would say something similar like, "So, you want to order more boxes?" or "You want to change your address"...when I had finally had it (without going ballistic) and said, "So, your name is Jim?", he would reply with, "No, I said Tom or John or..." Needless to say, I hung up, called to complain to a supervisor who claimed they could do absolutely nothing...and this was all in response to bad service we were already receiving! We're just riding out our contract.



we had direct tv for several years and they over charged us all the time.They also kept turning off our access to order pay per view movies so we would have to phone them in and they could charge us more for each movie, then i would complain and they would turn it back on for a few months.

Now finally have dish and am much happier with it.Dish also had local channels and direct tv did not.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #83977

Direct TV

Corporate Office

Ms. Ellen Filipiak

Sr. VP, Customer Care

2230 East Imperial Highway

El Segundo, CA 90245

bombard them with your complaints


write or record everything you discuss with Direct TV.Names, dates, offers, verify what will be included and what is no charge because THEY WILL TRY TO STICK IT TO YOU.

I've had their service for two months and have had to call them four times to get correct package (bait and switch), correct monthly charge, credit for billing for "shipping and handling" of their "free" receivers, and charging my credit card which was only to be used in the event my credit was bad, which it isn't and having confidence they wouldn't be charging anything on it, foolishly gave it to them, but I'm refusing to pay for charges.

Don't back down from them, and ask to speak to supervisor if they say they "can't" do something.Keep pressing on.

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