We stay with Directv because of the Fox programing. We get the only true coverage of the world as it is by tuning into Fox. Take the Fox out of Directv and we will find another carrier. We have been with DirecTv many years and would hate to go that route but we will.What ever we have to do to recieve the Fox networks on our tv we will do. We thank you for listening to us . Fox is the best programing on tv today. It is for adults as well as children and we appreciate their honesty with their viewing audiance. We need all their programing to keep informed today.Thank you so very much,Mr. and Mrs BoydWytheville, Va

Wyhteville, Va

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If direct drops fox I'll drop them and 150 accounts with them.


I will definitely drop Direct TV if you do not keep FOX AND DALLAS TX CHANNEL 8


If Direct TV drops FX, I drop Direct TV.


Would customers be able to get out of there contract of 2yrs if Directv does drop fox - It seems they are not supplying the promised plan so they would have to - Am I mistaken ?


If Directt TV drops fx and fox I will drop Direct TV


I am so upset I dropped Directv and signed up for DISH... in fact I feel so stongly if you join me with DISH I will pay your first month bill just go to www.DishTVFun and sign up and let me know...


If Direct TV drops the Fox network and the FX network along with Speed we will have no choice but to change carriers. I am already in the process of researching other options.

I wil not stay with Direct TV if this change takes place. Its just rediculous!


If they drop fox network I will look for a different provider.


i will start looking for a new carrier if they drop fox. thank you

Macapa, Amapa, Brazil #364719

I for one feel we as Directv customers, we are paying out of the wazoo now for the service. If FOX channels leave, I will have to reconsider Directv and consider another carrier.

I am a longtime customer and I don't want to resort to changing, but I will. Both FOX and Directv need to get it together!


We dropped Direct TV. Out of 479 channels there were 100+ worth watching.

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