In the early 90's Rupert Murdock(owner of DTV) owned the company that made the access cards for satellite companies, he released the *** for the cards of a Italian, British, and American sat. companies costing them billions of dollars a year, every hacker from that era knows it but it can't be proven, 3 of the original hackers it was released to mysteriously died when the accusations were made...Murdoch eventually purchased all three companies and low and behold his access card company(CDM if I remember correctly) came up with a access card with a time stamp that couldn't be hacked.

Now do you think a guy who was suspected of cheating corporations out of billions, murder by proxy, and fraud gives a rats behind about being fair to anyone?

NO he doesn't, he is a *** man who also happens to be rich and powerful, he could care less and DTV reflects that same attitude to it's customers.

Dish is still being hacked, not sure if they still use Murdocks cards, he was buying them too but the Gov. stepped in and stopped him.

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