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Direct Tv has lost MeTV. It is available on our local cable provider, I don't understand why they lost it.

I asked them about it and they didn't get back to me. MeTV was an enjoyable channel with lots of classic shows. I would like Direct Tv to reinstate the channel. Does anyone else like the channel?

If so, please let them know.

the more people that contact them, the better the chance that they will do something. this probably comes down to cost, like anything else, but if the cable provider can offer it, I would expect Direct Tv to offer it as well.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Channel.

Reason of review: Lost channel.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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Please bring back the ME channel! I think you would get a heck of a lot more customers to sign up. It's one of the best channels out there.


I have found a channel called FETV - on DirecTV its channel 323 that seems to show oldies but goodies too. Could that be the renaming of METV?


I watch it over the air and now its gone, I re scanned and got its sister channel but can no longer get me tv. I'm so mad that's the only channel I watch..


It’s back on now? May still change carriers. I pay too much for DIRECTTV.


I had METV on DirectTV up until 7:45 this morning. (Oct 18).

Am I to understand that we lost the channel like we did when we still had cable with AT&T? It briefly went away but eventually came back. Just like when we lost CBS in September. Like DirectTV/AT&T don’t rake in enough money monthly from us to pay METV what it wants.

I think I will shop around for another carrier. I pay way too much monthly to put up with these outages.


Wtf. I want my METV. It’s always about money.




what happened to metv ch5? favourite.


I loved METV was about the only thing we watched loved the older shows


MeTV has disappeared from the Vancouver, BC airways since around the last week or two of September 2019. The broadcast station in Bellingham, WA (KVOS) does not seem to be transmitting anything anymore on digital channel 35 (12.1, 12.2, 12.3, 12.4 and 12.5) and from the sounds of it this is not a local phenomena, so I suspect a nationwide issue.


On my open air antenna MEtv was my favorite channel. Now it's gone!

Why?....money driven?. Channel 2.2 out of Nashville TN. I've rescanned 4 times and still nothing. I'm not going to watch the channel that replaced it (Bounce), a bunch of crap shows in my book.

No I'm not going to spend money to get cable or sattelite.

From what I see MEtv has disappeared there as well. Waste of money to me.


I have been a customer with Directv for 20 years. we decided to bundle with internet and phone with AT&T and was told we would get HBO for free as long as we stay bundled.

well they started charging us for HBO after a 3 months and started charging 1/2 on our second phone when the deal was buy one phone get the other free. when we called to complain they did the usual put you on hold for an half hour multiple times. they told us it was taken care of, but guess what, it was not. we called four more times with the same results and finally they said it was taken care again, and then said for our troubles they would give us 40 dollars off our bill for 12 months, NFL Sunday Ticket for the rest of the year, and HBO for free as long as we bundle.

Guess what? they lies and did not give anything they promised. Even the so called supervisors lied to us. Every time I call they tell us HBO and NFL Sunday ticket will be on but it never is.

AT&T are a bunch of liers. What can you do?


Me-TV just dropped out of sight from our over the air antenna stations here in East Texas. It's due to the changes caused by the FCC, a rescan on your TV is the fix.


i lost comet and me tv...the 2 channels i watch...old sci fi stuff....rescan dosent bring either back....not happy....south of boston mass area


I am pissed at spectrum for taken metv off I am old and love this channel for what shows they select please put it back on.


Exactly they give no warning- just drop it! Heck I am already paying more for my spectrum bill than my car payment!! Then they put the same channel on that is on a few channel away from it- they are thieves and cheats, but unfortunately the only cable company that we can get!!


MeTV sucks. I dropped my cable (an unfortunate mistake) due to my budget.

I absolutely loved TVLand when I had cable. Some of the best, new, non network comedies are on TVLand, and a lot of classic newer shows. I thought MeTV would have the same great format that TVLand has, but no. What a bummer.

Nobody wants to watch dusty old TV shows from 100 years ago, so what's up with MeTV showing nothing but old musty, dusty, TV shows anyway? I can't wait until I can go back to cable some day.


IDIOT just go watch your pc garbage which the networks cancel within 5 showing and leave METV alone. Just because you don't like doesn't mean others don't so kindly FOAD.


Charter dropped MeTV best channel on the air now I think I will drop charter go Antenna Nothing on any good anywat


I want my metv! Love Svengoolie! Had it on antennae, but now there's some channel that's totally uninteresting.