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I have had nothing but bad times dealing with Direct TV. It started from day one when a salesman knocked on my door and asked me if I wanted Direct TV. After reading the promotion they had I liked what he had and I'm a huge football fan so the Sunday ticket was something I really wanted, and it was a good promo for that going at the time. Needless to say I stated to the sales person that I would not have the money to set the choice packet up on this day and asked if he could come back on the following Friday and I will get the choice with Sunday NFL ticket, the new genie box, and HD satellite dish. But he continued to state that if I wanted to get hooked up right now that he could hook me up with the basic select package, regular satellite dish, and digital receiver and then when I get my check I can call customer service and get it upgraded to the choice package with no problem at all, and that they would be happy to come out and upgraded everything I have for free and I can still get all the new customer promos. I even doubled checked with him because I told him that did not make sense and don't see how they will allow that and he stated that they were needing customers bad enough that it would be no problem for that to be done, so I no problem and shook his hand and got it all set up and installed. BUT THAT WAS ALL A BIG LIE SO HE COULD MEET HIS QUOTA FOR THE DAY. I called back to get the upgrade and nothing he said was true no Sunday ticket, no free upgrade (would have to pay around a 100 installation fee for them to be able them to come out and replace the receiver and dish), and I told them that I would just like to go ahead and cancel my account but I could not go ahead and cancel my account without being charged 30 a month for what ever was left on the contract I was in, which was 23 months worth of early termination fees. All I could do about the sales man is fail a compliant so they can discuss what he did to me, with him and never know how that comes out.

Then I lost my job on July 13, due to a back injury suffered on March 13 and was unable to pay my bill and it got behind and shut off. Did not know that I could of called in and got my account on hold for up to 6 months, until they took 404.45 (104.33 for bill and 295.12 for early termination, and 5 dollar late fee) out of my checking account without me knowing. I called DIRECTTV up on the phone and got a hold of Dametree to see why and what I can do with what just happened, he was unable to help at the time and told me that I might be able to pay the 104.33 and get my early termination fee refunded back but I will have to talk to someone in billing to get this done, so I was transferred to billing and talked with a female who's name I did not get stated that I can do that and get my service restored and a refund on the early determination, but had to file for a refund and it will take 5 to 10 business days for that to happen so OUT OF LUCK AGAIN with them. I get sent back to the ones who reconnect your service and get Patrick who almost charges me again when he goes and resets my program back up, and then later when I talk to another billing person I find out that he set me up for auto pay without me giving him permission to do so, then find out he can not make changes to account to make it match what I had or the discounts I had that only billing can do that, so with me getting charges for someone who of the promo period I told him I wanted dropped done to the lowest available programming I can get and puts me on select package, which I found out later is not the lowest one available. So I was deceived by a Sales Person, and Patrick now. I had him transferred back over to billing to try to see what is going on and got a man called Bob who needs more training I set on the phone for about 45 mins waiting and trying to figure out my difference I was coming up when he told me my refund amount for the early termination was only 241.46 which should of been 294.12, 52.66 difference and where did the 52.66 go, he kept putting me on hold to look at the numbers and do all the math himself and could not come up with an explanation of why, and when he put me on hold the third time it changed from elevator music, to please stay on the line being repeated over and over every few seconds, then came up sorry but connection could not be made and hung up on me after being on the phone for 2 hours 10 mins 30 secs. Now I have to call back. This time I go Jenna in billing who was the most help I had all night with speed for answering my questions. She let me know that the 52.66 was already put toward my next bill for the 49.99 select packet I was signed up for ( which made no sense I just paid a bill of 104.33 ), but I guess sense they already had 404.45 they will just go ahead and take the next bill out of my refund coming back, even though it was not due yet. Jenna is also the one who asked me if I knew I was signed up for auto pay and changed it back off for me and made a note in system that was set up with auto pay with out my consent. With talking to Jenna about packages and the money problems I'm having let me know that the Family Pack is the cheapest available not select like I was told by Patrick and changed that for me. Jenna tried to connect me to promotions to see if there was any promotions that I can be offered sense I was at 14 months and someone should of called me when I got to 12 months to make some offers to see if I would keep my programming I have, but sense my bill was behind I did not get that call, but with how my luck was going they were gone for the night, it was a little after 1 am in the morning. I was on the phone with here for 46 mins. and was told to call back in the morning to check for promotions and that with all the trouble I have had with them that they should be able to find something for me that can help, little did she know but when I made the call in the morning and talked with Amanda she stated that there was no promotions at the time that she could offer me and that I can call back in a month and check again if I would like to. So needless to say I was lied to by the door sales man, deceived by Patrick, confused with Bob, Jenna tried to be a big help I thing, and Amanda did nothing to help me in promotions but say sorry I've been treated this way and please call back.

So in 10 months when my time is up I will be removing your service from my house.

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). The author is overall dissatisfied with Directv. The most disappointing about directv installation from Directv was poor customer service and being deceived and lied to Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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So reading through your complaint the bill issue started when you lost your job but never called the company to see what options you had and tell me again how is it the company's fault to keep track of your personal life and the offers. This sounds like a personal problem. I suggest you get someone else to do your bills.

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