The people that Direct TV have going door to door apparently do not understand my "No Soliciting" sign. I have this sign up for a very good reason.

When I point out the sign to them, they say they are not selling anything. Look up the meaning in the dictionary. They also get very rude when I tell them to leave. If I wanted to buy Direct TV I would call them.

I had one of the salespeople stand on my front porch and yell my name when I closed the door in his face. Is there another sign that will keep people off my front porch trying to sell their ***?

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New sign " solicitors will be shot for trespassing "


They are probably doing this to *** you off. You may be the joke of the office, because your the "crazy person". Maybe they have a little game going to see how mad you will get (:


Sounds as though DTV is getting despeerate for customers..keep up the good work folks,tell everyone you know Not to get DTV!!


I think you need to buy a gun, and greet them with it. It does not have to be loaded just enough to scare them away.


A "Get The *** Off My Property Or Take a Whiff of The Double Barrels of My Shotgun" sign might actually work. If it doesn't, then you might wanna demonstrate in person what the sign means! :grin

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