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after a month of no service due to "satellite not working needing to transfer to new satellite" still no service .. cant get anyone to pick up the phone get recorded messages.

it takes a month to push a button and find a satellite, but only a second to turn you off (with the same button) if your late with a payment more then 3 days.

if this is the best technical people you have please find someone else my 9 year old is looking for summer job she knows how to push buttons. maybe she can at least answer the phone

Review about: Directv Service Transfer.

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We went through every one of these scenarios with them. Who do they think they are, and who do they think we are that they can spit in our face and tell us it is raining?

Verizon is the same way, every month have to call re: issues with those bills too.

We intend to file a complaint with the BBB or our Attorney Generals office if issues not resolved soon. :sigh :x :cry :(

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