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I had service set up on 14 September at my new apartment. On the 15th of September my service was turned off because someone by the name of Gwendolyn Jones had service and did not pay off their account so it was linked to my account and I needed to call the collections agency.

I explained that I don't know that person NEVER had direct tv service and would not call a collections agency. Then they continued to explain that my address was not in fact an apartment complex but listed as a house. I informed them again that they were wrong and to add insult to injury they began to refer to me *** Mr. Jones when my name is Joyner.

After about 2 hours of being on the phone a supervisor told me that it was an error and that my service would be restored. It was for 2 days and then on the tuesday the 18th my service was disconnected again because they did an investigation and found that YES I am linked to Gwendolyn Jones and that my apartment is indeed a house. I call Star Satellite whom installed my service and told them to please refund my money and come pick-up their equipment they asked me to give them a chance to fix the issue and they contacted directv and conferenced me in.

We both spoke with customer service and was placed on hold for over 30 mins supposedly being transferred to the "investigations department" at this point I just want my money back and to have this *** removed from my apartment.

Review about: Directv Account.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Call them every hour on the hour until they get so sick of you that someone will HAVE TO ANSWER you! I am on your side, as this is one of the most ignorant answers I have read.

Directv should know that apartments rent and re rent everyday!

Stick with it, do not stop, and DO NOT BACKDOWN! Best of Luck!

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