Beware of the DirecTV (DTV) Whole Home DVR Service. Make sure they provide you with the required HD Receivers for each room.

DTV sold me their Whole Home DVR Service and told me that I would be able to watch recorded programs from any of the four rooms in my house. Since the HD Receiver was in my room, I did not know that they had installed incompatible standard receivers in the other rooms. They installed one DVR in the living room, one HD Receiver in my room and two standard Receivers in the remaining rooms. The one HD Receiver works with the DVR and can share recorded media but the standard receivers cannot--they lied to me to get me to buy the service.

When I discovered this issue, I contacted them. After speaking with a customer service rep and getting nowhere fast, I asked to speak to a Supervisor. This did not get me any further. The Supervisor immediately told me that since the system was installed more the 14 days ago, he could not do anything to resolve the issue and I would have to pay $199.00 for another HD DVR and $99.00 for another HD receiver.

I pointed out that according to the DTV advertisement, one DVR is supposed to be able to be shared by up to 15 TVs and asked why two more HD receivers would not work.

The Supervisor insisted that it would not work and that it is ridiculous to think that 15 TVs could share one DVR. At this point, I am a very unhappy DirecTV customer as I feel that I was lied to in order to buy their product which does not work as they advertise.

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Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #653993

I signed up online, called with a question, and have had no problems. I have two HD DVRs and 2 HD receivers. Everything works great and has now for 6 months.

Monterey Park, California, United States #623048

Just wait until the acces card stops working ( mine lasted 3 weeks) they will get you a new one in a week! Until then none of your TV's work.

This is the worst system ever! They were a great company until recently.

I think they have a new CEO. He must be a Walmart reject!


DirecTV does a lot of crazy deals but when it comes down to it you get 1 advanced equipment and the rest standard equipment usually up to 4 rooms . 1 receiver controls 1 TV unless you attach an mirror to split it off.

And if you wasn't happy with it or they promised something else other than what you got why wait 14 day later?

I'm sure they would of corrected the problem if called sooner. If you have the contract they gave you look it over and if you got something different take it to an lawyer.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States #614123

all of you are idiots , you need 1 dvr and 1 client box for each tv , whole home works great , no problems record from any room , pause , ff , rewind from any room .


You guys are a bunch of clowns. DirecTV is the best television service out there, it works the best and has all the best perks and latest technology.

If your too *** too understand how it all works than thats your fault, don't blame DirecTV. I ordered DirecTV whole home DVR and I ordered a HD receiver to go with my DVR because it said very clearly on the website that you need a HD receiver. I love my DirecTV service and I actually know something about this stuff, I don't just call up and say i need receivers for 5 rooms so give me whatever.

Clowns. DirecTV is number 1 in customer satisfaction so clearly you clowns are the only ones having issues.


DirecTV called me with a FREE DVR offer. My service is expiring in June 2012, so they said sign up for 24 months and I would get a free whole house DVR system, with just one dollar a month extra over what I was paying now.

Of course this was a lie. When the monthly bill arrived it was 31 dollars a month higher, and the whole house DVR was just a three month trial. Then if I didn't cancel it would go up more. Of course only the HD receivers work, and everything else they offer is a complete lie.

Now I'm stuck with 24 additional months of the original service I had minus one receiver which they took when installing the DVR! This company is beyond crooked!


REALLY? Everyone on this thread deserves what they got.

Do you research technology before you purchase our just "trust" the company? If you just blindly trust every salesman, I have some beachside property in Nevada to sell you. You CANNOT record in one format (HD) and watch it on another receiver in a different format. You cannot pause-rewind-ff shows on a receiver that doesn't have the capability to record because where would the "live" video feed go to while you pause it; it must be recorded.

If you would simply record the live show you're watching, you would've enabled the ability to pause-rewind-ffand then simply delete it when you're done.

I've been with DirecTV for 11 years and have had a few problems but they were all rectified by the CSR because I did my research before I called demanding how I wanted them to resolve my issue. And they gave me what I wanted in order to keep my business, contract or not.


No problems with Whole Home DVR for us on 3 TVs. I just did a little research and asked some specific questions. Or maybe it's because I did it all on their web site, so no one "lied" to me because I could see right there on the screen that I was ordering all HD equipment and it warned me in colored text if my equipment wasn't all compatible.

Any dummy should know an SD receiver isn't going to be able to view HD content. But if you are relying on a person over the phone it may not be obvious which equipment you're getting, and they may be trying to get you a special package deal or something ***.

2 HD DVRs and one HD receiver installed, but the first installer didn't put in a SWM. I called them up and since the service was supposed to include all equipment required for the whole home, they came out the next day and installed the SWM and it all just works great.

It does suck that you can't pause live TV on the receiver, but that makes sense, since how could it record the show? It has no drive in it. Anyway, if you pay attention and get your order together online where you can see everything in writing, it's no problem.


I was promised 3 times that Whole-Home Service would work, and it turned out to be a scam -- they won't do business clients (even though it's for a private residence within the company).

What a crock.

Complaints filed with FCC and BBB. I urge all to do likewise.


I was lied to as well. They told me i would be able to record in both den and living room, and watch in any of the three bedrooms.

The truth is: I can only record on the den, and watch in one bedroom or living room. The other two bedrooms are not compatible.

Whole House DVR? Whoever named this concept should be fired.


I switched from Dish to Direct TV because we wanted the NFL package. I also got whole home DVR. With Dish I was able to pause live TV in all the rooms. With Direct TV you cannot - you can only pause recorded media on the TVs that do not have the DVR. So we're screwed by having to stay with Direct TV for 24 months - will switch back for sure.

We added a standard receiver to be installed Dec 26 and then found out it could not even access the DVR! So now I have a TV that has zero DVR capabilities even though I have "whole home DVR." I called that afternoon to explain they should have explained standard receivers are not DVR-capable - I certainly would have paid the extra $20 for a HD receiver. Spent an hour on the phone on hold and arguing. The rep said she has plenty of customers who have whole home DVR but have standard receivers. I told her I do not care what her other customers have. What a *** argument. I finally spoke to someone who helped me - I had to pay all their fees on my credit card but then they credited them back to me. I do not understand why I am responsible for knowing the specs of their equipment when I place an order. Oh, and now my 24 month agreement has been extended because of the additional receiver I ordered.

I completely expect Direct TV to be sued someday soon and am looking forward to it.


I had whole Home DVR installed yesterday and this is not what I wanted or expected. I got a new TV for Christmas for my basement and I needed a new HD-DVR box.

I called and asked about getting the whole home DVR and they set me up. I was expecting to be able to pause, Record live TV as well as set a timer to record shows I was not available to watch. I currently have 2 HD-DVR boxes on in the bedroom and one in the living room. They provided me a new HD only box for my basement and I am unable to pause or rewind live TV only record to one of the other boxes.

I was expecting to get the full DVR experience in my whole home and all I got was the ability to watch the playlists. What makes it even worse is that it doesn't even work correctly. My basement TV keeps popping up an error saying that either of the two library's are not connected. I called Direct TV and the only thing they could offer is for me to get another HD-DVR box for my basement for an additional $100.

This is unacceptable to me since I just paid $100 to not get what I wanted. When I talked to the supervisor she tried to say it was my fault for not reading the details on their website. I went to the website and it does not say anywhere that you cannot pause, record live TV.

I'm pissed and I'm thinking about canceling this because of the way I was lied to and treated by customer service. Had it not been Christmas I would have cursed that lady out.


omg. I'm going through the same thing now, two room DVR.

I should have found this site before.

Guess I was naive in assuming DirectTV would take care of me. Boy did they ever.Since they lied to us, doesn't that negate the service agreements we have?


Direct TV is horrible. I have had nothing but problems with them.

They have the worst customer service. Their equipment is horrible.

I thought comcast was bad. Ready to pull my hair out.


I have been with Directv for over a year now, and I am not too happy at all. First they did not honor the refer a friend $100 back offer they advertise.

I contacted them several times after referring a family member. Then I gave up.

I just tried to get the $3 a month whole home dvr added to my service. They wanted a $199 one time fee to set it up...

For what? i had all the correct equipment except DECA unit which selld for $23 on Amazon.

What a rip off. I will be going back to cable...its not as good but alot cheaper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Directv is very misleading about whole home DVR. I moved from cox digital cable to Directv after Centurylink gave a bundle deal.

We where told that we would get one HD-DVR recorder, 1 HD-DVR Receiver, 4 HD receivers and all rooms would be able to view DVR recordings. well, only the two DVR receivers can't view recordings and the other 4 because they are standard. called directv and asked what was with the setup with no full home DVR receavers... Lets just say that they blamed Centurylink for the misunderstanding and offered a Ha!Ha!

you fools discount offer for additional HD receivers to add salt to the wound.

They need to market the service as Whole Home DVR Ready Service, Directv is like any other mega corp... read between our the fine line to not get ripped off by our company.


Yes, Direct TV Whole Home DVR is a scam. It should be called "Two Room" DVR because that's all you get.

They mislead you into thinking it will work on all receivers in your home and then when you call back to see why it doesn't, that's when they tell you you need to purchase additional HD Receivers in order for the other rooms to work. Again a more appropriate name would be "Two Room DVR"


Direct TV customer since 1995 and we have also been scamed by the whole home DVR thing. They want 199.00 for the SWM8 switch that will make it work on all tv's in our house.

When you call the customer service people they are very nice but they can't do anything to avoid the charge. Hate to leave a company I've been with for 16 years but will be looking at Dish TV which my son is very happy with.


I switched from dish thinking that Direct TV was better...was I wrong! This whole house dvr is a big scam.

I installed on Friday and wanted to cancel on Monday so now they say I have to pay the $480 cancellation fee! And they like to imply that Dish is bad...I never have had ANY problems with dish, I just wanted a couple of the channels that DTV had...


Yes I also got the whole house DVR but got only one DVR to use in one room. They lied to me as well

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