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I was told that it would cost me $164.98 to have Whole Home DVR on all 4 of my TVs. After the install I was informed that only 2 of my tv's would work but I would have to pay an extra $99.00 for each of the 2 that were not compatible.

$164.98 is high but an extra $200.00 totaling $364.98 is crazy. So now Im out $168.98 for half of what Direct TV told me and because of their mess up I have to pay an additional $200.00.

They wont even refund my money and take back their equiptment. jadeair01@swbell.net

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Well my installation went in just fine for the whole house system with the HR34 HD DVR and 3 other HD recievers. The problem I ran into was that I can't pause live TV unless I am watching the TV with the DVR connected to it.

In my opinion this doesn't equate to "having DVR capability on every TV".

When I contacted Direct TV there were no solution oriented people just "sorry". Pretty lame.

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