i have paid my bill on time for one yr. and you do not have any good offers for us like you have for new customers!!!!

why can't we have good offers.. it is not fair and i am very pissed!!! we do not get anything for being with you..so please!!!! tell me why!!

other company's offer for faithful customer's..i am not trying to be hard to get alone with..but i think we deserve some offer's..we have really enjoyed direct tv.. and will continue keeping it..

but we do deserve it.. thanks

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The reason Direct TV does not offer promotions to older customers is because they do not plan to honor them! and this would cause them to lose customers. Their promo's are just a way to catch more suckers!I'm sorry but this is true, all you have to do is read some of the other complaints from Direct TV customers they are telling the truth.


Why did you change the music on channel 820? That was the only channel that my wife and I liked,none of the other channels has the same music, and I'am ticked.


I assume that direct tv has no idea that Mr. Obama chose not to give us older folks a cost of living raise nor the retired military.

However, the employees of direct tv must be getting theirs as the cost is going up, up, up.

How about giving the retired folks on a fixed income a break. Remember....you will be here sooner than you think!

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