South Weber, Utah
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I do not want to pay more for free tv. If we all Fold and pay more for a free station who wins.

DTV WILL JUST PASS ON COST TO US AS THEY SHOULD IN A FREE MARKET. Ch. 5 makes a boatload from advertisers why should they get additional monies from us when it is a free broad cast. With all that said please feel free to switch even though I will not.

If you of not want to switch you can pay 20 bucks and get an additional antenna to get the local channels for free.

It is a shame that they are forcing us to do this for FREE broadcasts. DTV keep fighting for us

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Package.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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My God your the 1st person I have seen on here who gets it cheers mate, cheers my faith in humanity is renewed , before you ask no I'm not being sarcastic I really am happy to see at least 1 person out there gets it I work for DirecTV and have had to deal with tons of people who are mad at me because of this. One other thing if you have a high definition DVR you can call and get a device called the AM21 over the air receiver that will feed the Free channels into your system won't know the difference