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We have had Direct TV for over a year now. ( Was made to go into a 2 year contract DON'T DO IT!) We never had to much problems with them until September 2015.

In September I went onto Direct TVs website to make my payment for the month, (I make the payment on their website every month by credit card.) when I saw they tried to charge us for a 3 month movie promotion they had going. 1. we were never notified about it. 2.

We never agreed to the promotion or them charging our account (no calling, emailing, or mail.) So myself and my husband gave them a call and tried to have it fixed. So they said "Well we can't do anything about you having it on it before the 15th so we are going to have to charge you till up to the 15th" We paid the $54.18. Now in October we were being charged again making our bill higher. (used to only pay $50 was being charged $82) We ended up calling them again to see why and they said our promotion period ended in our contract.

Now when we signed up for the promotion, we were not told it would jump to $80-$90 after a year. We didn't get any form of notice either that this was going to happen this month. So we deiced to cancel our Direct TV leaving us with a $220 canceling bill and what left to pay for Octobers bill. (We canceled on the 10th) They end up only charging us around $24 for the month since we didn't have it for the full month.

So I decide to make a half payment of $129.00 for the canceling fee and pay the rest on the 1st. (They charged us $257.89 which was counting the bill for October and then some, for canceling instead of the $220 we were told that we only owed.) We made that payment on the 15th, it went through great. Now it being the 17th I was looking at our bank statement online and saw that they charged us $82.28 onto our account with the $129.00 we already paid. So we ending up calling Direct TV again.

The first customer service rep was very friendly and helpful but had to send us over to billing. He said that he saw two transactions on our account and that we authorized the $129.00 but didn't the $82.00 and was confused why we were being charged as-well. So when he switched us to billing with the customer service rep named Adele is when things turned sour. She told us that we "enrolled in auto payments in January of this year." Which by our bank statements she wrong and we tried to bring that up to her but she kept fighting us on it.

She also said she couldn't cancel the payment that have on pending right now. She had a very "know it all" attitude and was not helpful in the slightest. So when I lost my temper with her I handed the phone over to my husband. I'm currently pregnant right and high risk, and need to go calm down.

She then tells my husband what she told me and was basically like "Oh well". So my husband asked if it will charge our account next month as well she said " no because their wouldn't be a balance due anymore. " But we have up to 44 days to pay the rest of $46.61. So meaning they will be charging our card on file (again) next month.

She said it again that the reason was because we enrolled in "auto payment in January" Which we do have proof of that not being the case, they still just ignored it. Also, Our account does say we do not have auto payment set up. (I started taking screenshots of everything.) They will change stuff on your account without telling you and try to charge you extra if you don't pay attention.

Also they will harass you to not cancel your service with you. I will never recommend Direct TV to anyone and will never be joining back up with them.

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The most disappointing in user's experience was constant price increase, unprofessionalism and lack of service. If you have a chance, please contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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