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I have been asking for a refund from Direct Tv since March of 2010. A miss communication started the whole mess of them needing to refunding me $668.00

I have called AT LEAST once a week, sometimes more, and have talked to csr after csr along with supervisors.

During this whole process I have managed to get them to credit me the amount but am still waiting for it to get back into my bank account where it came from. While waiting for this refund they have managed to deduct my monthly bills from the original total.

Finally got someone on the phone today who knew what they were doing, or at least I hope they do, they informed me that a refund was requested by me but was never sent to the finance dept, Imagine that.

As soon as contract is up i am canceling services and going to someone else for service. Then will hire an attorney and go from there.

Review about: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $668.

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Please understand that as long as Direct has your bank account # or credit card # on file they can (and will charge the account any time they see fit) the only way you can stop them from charging your account is to 1.change the numbers by reporting your card lost or stolen.2.close the account.If it is a bank account the only way is to close the account. You will have to deal with Direct because they will call you to upgrade your account(if you stay with them) and if you cancel Direct they will turn you over to their collections Dept and report this on your credit.

You can also place your version on your credit report. Do your homework before cancelling service with Direct because you are dealing with the lowest and they know and use all the tricks against you.


I am having the same problem on a smaller scale. We had a broken DVR and Driect TV sent a replacement.

I then packaged up the broken one and sent it back within 3 days. I then saw a $300 charge on my account a month later. They said it was for the broken DVR that was not sent back. I told them that I sent it back a month ago.

They checked and low and behold I was right. They said they could credit my charge card back the amount within 3 - 5 days. While, I was not thrilled about that since it was totally their mistake, I was glad to get the money back. Well, two weeks later, the money was still not charged back.

I called again and they said it was credited to my account with them. After speaking with a Manager, they said that the account had been charged my monthly fees and that brought the credit down to less than $200 and they do not refund for less than $200. I would understand if it had been my mistake by not getting the broken DVR back in time, but I did. Now, they have 2+ months worth of my payments already in the bank and I am out $300 right before a vacation.

As soon as the account is back to zero, I am switching to another provider. Direct TV has no customer service and they just take whatever money they want out of your account whenever they want.


Thanks for the info. Will begin that process first thing Monday morning.


I am assuming this is an early termination fee of $668.It does not sound as though Direct is going to give you your refund. You might try calling your bank and ask if you can reverse the charges..If the bank lets this will probably need to close the account to prevent recharging the account.If not then you will might try filing complaint with BBB,FTC,Attorney General(this can be done online)you can also file for Arbitration with BBB. Direct will give you all kinds of excuses to string you along.They seldom give back money unless they are told to do so by some other authority.(If Direct is crediting your account the $668 then you most certainly will not get the money back)

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