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Referred my mom to direct tv. Called verizon since she wanted to bundle TV with Verizon home phone & internet.

They took the order, but when we gave my account # for the refer a friend program, we were told we had to call Direct TV. So we called & they took the order as well as my account # for the refer a friend credit. Got a call back from Direct TV to "verify" her order. Mom stated "you have my daughter & I down for the refer a friend credit, right?" They said no, you have to do that on line.

BUT you can't do it on line once the order has been placed! Must be a scam.

You give them the account # when you order, but they say you never did, so no refer a friend credit. Wonder how much they're making off this rip off!!!

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I spent 3 1/2 hours and got no where they told me the info must be in my freinds account so now they want her to call and they will prob give her the run around too.


Same thing happened to me - spent hours on the phone. Wanted to leave, but happen to enjoy watching sports - which they have a monopoloy on.

Depressing.. I hate directtv.


The same thing just happened to me and my friend. I just spent 3 hours on the phone to get nowhere.

The refer a friend is a bunch of ***. This is not the first problem I have had with them. The man they used to install it used the wrong connectors and it took a year for them to come and find out what was wrong because they wanted to charge me for a tech.

to come out and look at it and I refused to pay. I should have dropped them then.


Funny, the same thing happened to my friend and me with the refer a friend deal. No gift cards were issued.

They said they did not get the mail and then it was too late b/c you had to do it when you start the service. Glad to see I missed the boat. I just paid $100 to cancel my service early, I am done with their deceptive business practices.

At least they won't be getting an extra $500 out of me. Getting a converter box now.


It is beyond me why our BBB,FTC and Attorney Generals cannot shut these DirectTV crooks down or at least make them disclose ALL their terms and conditions on paper and in Plain English and in print we can read without having to use a magnifying glass and on paper(no verbal contracts online or suprise upgraded equipment contracts)DirectTV has no intentions of honoring their "Free Money Cards" or any of their other so called "Freebies" to trick people into signing their 2 yr. contract.DirectTV has been scamming people for many years and getting away with it and the BBB and FTC and Attorney Generals have thousands of the same complaints against DirectTV and yet there seems to be nothing done! A few people have reported getting their money back from DirectTV after a long drawn out fight but the majority does not!

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