I installed Direct TV in my apt. in May, 2011.

This last weekend I moved from my apt. to a house in another city. I called Direct TV on June 22nd to transfer the service. On Thursday, June 28th, a representative called me to set up a time to put the satellite at my house since I already had the equipment.

We set it for Sat, June 20th between 4-8 pm. My sister came to the house to let them in and they were supposed to call when they were on their way and I was driving a truck with my stuff in it from the east coast of Florida to the west coast of Florida. Not only did no one show up, no one even called concerning the hook up. I called this morning and was told my order was canceled because the apt.

complex did not give permission. I told them I wasn't in an apt., but a house. They reviewed the order and their mistake. They apologized and said someone would be out this afternoon.

As I had just begun a new job, I gave them my sister's name to call to make arrangements for her to meet the installation person. An hour later she was called and told that they could not get permission from the apt. complex because it was old and a dump. First of all, my apt., was not a dump, but a nice condo unit and majorly I was moving into a house, not an apt.

When my sister told them this, she was told I needed to reapply for service. I called them and was told it would be an additional 10 days before I could have service, their mistake, but it had to be fixed thru the computer and they didn't have anyone to take care of me. Nor, did they really care. I then spoke to a supervisor who said it was their mistake, but that I would need to reapply for service.

No, this was a transfer only. I have all my equipment. I received a call around 5:00 for the appt., only to be told that they would come out tomorrow as long as the "apt complex" gave permission. It started all over again.

I have informed Direct TV that I want someone here tomorrow.

It has been two weeks and they should be bending over backwards to accommodate me, as they made a BIG mistake. But they have taken a "we really don't care" attitude and I am getting absolutely no satisfaction concerning this matter.

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