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I was swayed to switch to DIRECTV by the promise of not needing cable wires, since the desired location for most of my TV's is not next to the cable outlets. I stated this when I called to order DIRECTV. When the installer arrived he informed me that it's much better to have the DIRECTV boxes plugged into cable outlets than to have wireless receivers, but he never told me I can have DIRECTV install cable outlets near the TV's and have wired receivers everywhere. After 8 months of problems with the wireless receivers (trouble starting up, pausing and glitching during live TV, etc), I called DIRECTV and was informed they can put cable outlets near the TV and switch my wireless receivers to wired receivers. However, I am required to pay for the new receivers instead of having this be considered a replacement. I can understand paying for the service call and paying for the difference in cost from a wireless receiver to a wired receiver (if there is any), but I think this is not right. I am also required now to restart my 24 month commitment. I asked since I am being treated as a new customer paying for new equipment and starting a 24 month commitment, would I also receive the 2016 NFL Sunday Ticket given to new customers and was informed they can not do that. Really not happy with customer service. They never fully explained my wired vs. wireless options at the beginning, and if they are treating me like a new customer they should also give me the benefits of being a new customer.

As far as the DIRECTV content, I am generally happy but the one thing that I miss with Time Warner Cable is the ability to record only new episodes of a series. The record series option records every single time any episode of that series is on TV and for shows that repeat a lot it is easier to remember to record every week instead of having to delete 30 repeats.

Also, the default for recording series is to only save 5 episodes so if you tend to pile up episodes to watch later you have to remember to change it to save all episodes.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. jpreisser is quite happy with content and stated that there is a room for improvement of bad wireless receivers. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of directv receiver and associated monetary loss in the amount of $270. Directv needs to offer any options to resolve the issue according to poster's claims.

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