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Direct tv withdrew my entire paycheck for a account that is currently under bankruptcy. I have spoken to several car and continue to get the run around and given false numbers.

I think they are a scandalous company that steals people money. The csr are rude unconcerned and *** as well as unprofessional. They are thiefs also. I called 866 239 6124 Ths supposedly the # number for department that handles bankrupcy but per Eric said doesn't handle and couldn't pull my account up .

Strange because this account was just opened about 4 months ago. They couldn't find my account by my name social or account number.

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If you have filed for bankruptcy ask your attorney to look into this for you also ask your bank if you can dispute this charge from Direct.You are right DTV is a "scandalous company that steals people money" I don't believe I'd continue to try ad deal with DTV.They have your money and will not give it back without a fight.


That is so crazy. I would call customer service back and ask them to keep transferingyou up the latter untill you speak with someone who can help you.

I don't feel like they are purposely stealing your money, there seems to be some mistake unell the total amountof money in your account was the total amount of your bill, then that would make sense.

If those things do not work out I would send them a certified letter stateing your situation and what you next steps are going to be if you do not get a response fromt hem within X time. good luck to you and it sucks when people have problems liek this.

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