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I have been a customer since nov 2007. I have never had a problem unitl nov. of 2010. I bill had been set to be paid with a debit card on a monthly basis, during this month I was short in my debit so I made a one time payment on my credit card. In Dec. 2010 Direct TV used the card number that I gave for a one time payment and moved that to my new profile (that I didn't authorize). Needless to say that I called and complained, which they apologized for changing my profile (which they insisited that I authorized by pushing the onetime payment button) and refunded my to my card and promised that they would not use that card again and reset all of my profile to the origional settings. Until January 2011, when my profile was returned to the Dec version. Again they took their monthly payment not out to the debit account that was set up for this, but the CC Card that they had told me the previous month that would never be used, again they refunded the money and reset my profile. In Febuary 2011 on the 22nd to be exact. I informed them that I would be moving and no longer required their service, as I was leaving the country and didn't know where to hook up service during this 6 month absence. They informed me that I could put my service on hold for 6 months and then pick it up on Aug 22nd ( which is 6 months) I had all the questions(Equipment, returns, charges and prorated fees for the first part of feb). Was informed that my account would be on hold for the six months and as long as I called by Aug 22 nd there would be no issue on their end. I thought great. In may 2011 a charge on the cc card that Direct TV said that they would never charge on, was charged for all of the equipment. I called and numerous calls was told that they in fact made a mistake by using that CC card and refunded the money, and that my account was put back to the six month hold. The following day the money was charged to the card again. This time I was told that my account had been closed and the six month hold was never in place that they considered my to in possesion of Direct TV equipment and that had the right to charge whatever card they felt that they could get their money from. I requested a way to return the equipment that I had. Jump forward to Aug 22 nd, I called and explained my situation. Was told that I needed a recovery kit sent and I could return Direct TV's equipment. Since that time, I have had to call every day to recieve that recovery kit, which I recieved on Sept 15th, with no return label. I called and reported that there was no return label within 15 minutes of recieving the recovery kit. I was informed that one would be shipped to me overnight and to be recieved by me not later than 12 noon on saturday 17th. I have called everyday since that deadline passed not only was that label not sent the following 9 labels have not been sent. Today I was informed that I would have to wait an other 5-7 business days for a recovery kit to be sent. I would like a reply to this

Dr.Rev.Scott L. Grossman

11463 Jackson

Longmont Co



Review about: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $243.

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