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I called Directv wanting to switch to their service.I spoke with a representative that explained the packages, the discounts based on my credit which included season 2016 and season 2017 Sunday Ticket.

I asked about getting the $200 AT&T rewards cards, the rep said I had to sign up with AT&T. I could not sign up so I was told I couldn't get the rewards card. I answered all of their questions agreed to pay and did pay the $7.75 fee and was scheduled for next morning install. After I hung up my wife asked me about the $200 AT&T rewards card.

I told her we were not able to use it because we were not going to switch over to AT&T. She said the card had nothing to do with switching over to AT&T. I called Directv right back spoke with a rep about the reward card. She said she could cancel my old order and reschedule using the rewards card.

I asked her if it was going to change any of the pricing we agreed upon on by first call she said it would not. This turned out to be untrue. 1st- she would have to refund the $9.75 fee on my credit card from the first call and then she would have charge me $31.65 because the first rep had made an error. I was not please with that, but we continued on.

When almost done she went over what I was getting. I stopped her when she said 2016 Sunday ticket. I said and 2017 also- she said no that Direct doesn't do 2 years on the NFL Sunday Ticket. I told her the other rep had told me I was getting two years.

After her saying things like well 2016 Sunday ticket runs into the year 2017, or she would have to elevate or escalate what the first rep had told. I asked her to listen to the recording of when I called in the first time. I said that to her a few times and finally she said she was going to check with the supervisor. She came back and said the Sunday Ticket was for only one year unless I switched to AT&T and I then I could get 2017.

I asked her to listen to the recording. I have no fault with this rep, she step in the middle, but I was not getting what I was told I was getting. She put me on hold when a perky supervisor started telling about AT&T and if I switch over I would enjoy Sunday Ticket along with SEC college games. Directv and I had a valid contract and if the roles were reversed I would have been held responsible for my end of that contact.

Directv accepted $9.75 in fees from me to honor their contract. All Directv had to do was listen to their own recording. We are told the calls are being recorded to better serve us and quality but they would not go back and listen.

Directv didn't honor their own legal contract.

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