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I order direct tv last week and before they installed service they had ancelled my service just because I lived in a adress that was sent to collection department they wanted me to pay the amount that was owe even doe the services weren't under my name they want me to be responsible for that account and then I called requesting the terms and conditions were estates that they have the right to refuse serviceto any one that lived in an address that owed the $ and they refuse to send me or give information about this so they hung up on me with out giving me info...

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WHAT DIRECTV stated to you is correct.They can reject a person for service.Just like AT&T or ANY OTHER COMPANY that does not want your business.SOMETIME'S other family member's use people I.D. to get a certain item.AND when the correct person try to get the same service,BOOM their is this problem with i never had your service's before.Take for instance,My niece being the person she is.Had this so called best friend.She stole her i.d. and SS # SHE SAY'S.Got an SECTION EIGHT APARTMENT.Got behind on her rent and GOT evicted.Now my niece need's SECTION EIGHT for herself.But guess what,SHE has to repay the money to section eight before this can happen.What a DUMBIE.


Not Funny the same things happening to me

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