When they installed my Direct TV they told me that I was going to have access to you Tube, Pandora, that my caller ID was going to work in all tv's that I was going to have access to see everything that I have record in the main box in every TV and none of that has being working since day one. I called the company several times and nothing has being done because they said that I need to have someone to come to my house and I will have to pay this employee to come to my house and do the service.

I'm glad my contract is over next month, I can't wait because I will change the company right away because the service in this company is the worse and we are paying so much money for a service that is not provide.

I will also contact consumer protection because I have proves that I been paying with no service. they really provide the worse service.

Review about: Directv Tv Service.

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If your contract is over next month be careful about adding any of their services don't do anything to let them upgrade your service and add another 2 years to your contract.


you where given the option of getting working service, I work for an insurance company if you have a water leak and do nothing to mitigate damages you become responsible for part of the damage.., Directv offered you a way to mitigate the problem, pay for the protection plan or pay for the service call. You can not say i'm not going to pay to have it fixed then complain that it's not fixed

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