Cooper City, Florida

Denied service after being qualified, credit was pulled, and account was set up. A day later they call saying I'm being linked to negative account my sister had with them.

They asked for proof that she did not live with me and I provided it to them. It still wasn't enough so I cancelled the whole order. Not only did I not get service after being qualified, but now I have an inquiry in my report. Apparently the agent who qualified me didn't realize there was an account being linked to me.

My sister and I have similar names so at first they made the mistake of thinking it was me with the bad account. Then they only knew it was a relative because I was honest enough to tell them.

I provided them with the proof they ask for and it still wasn't enough for them. Not to mention that I have excellent credit and was treated like some sort of criminal.

Review about: Directv Account.

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This exact same thing happened to me yesterday - and I also have excellent credit and have never had a delinquent payment or account on anything EVER in my ENTIRE LIFE!!!!!


If you are having problems with DTV before you get service with them what do you think will happen in the future? Thank your lucky stars and read some of the many complaints against this company

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