Salt Lake City, Utah
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I was with Direct TV for over 20 years,, moved and signed back up.. Every other month the bill has a change or a charge which I did not authorize.

This last bill I was charged 41.99 for some football NFL program. I do not watch football EVER ! They also charged me 25.00 for the Genie box which Is the equipment that they give to you when you are being installed. No discussion written or verbal stating that you pay extra for the dvr box.

This last phone time was 58 minutes on the phone with them. This is always the amount of time on the phone with them sometimes longer.The TV is billed through centurylink and then they pay direct TV. Changing and charging a customer extra programming with no discussion in any way should be illegal.

I am going to pursue this issue in many ways. SICK OF IT

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Why don't you read the agreement you signed? There is only your understanding of the pricing vs everything they put online for all to see I'll bet you took NFL package last year and it automatically renewed as you agreed to