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Direcct tv is by far the worst company I've ever had to deal with. First they promised me a 29.99 a month plan and it wasnt till I got my first bill that I saw they were charging me 64.99 insted of 29.99.

Their excuse was that I had to wait 2 to 3 payments to get my 29.99 price not just that but I would be paying the 64.99 after the year even though I was never told this before I signed up for a 2 year agrement.

And that was only the half of it, twice already they've cashed my checks but cut my service insisting I still owed them full price only to clear it up 3 days later. I cant wait till I can get away from them.

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I feel your pain. I have been a customer of theirs for 12 years.

Three months ago they shut off my service for owing an outstanding balance of $13! Not quite sure to this day why I owed the money, but upon further questioning the servive rep.

told me all accounts with an outstanding balance of $10 or more were terminated. WHEW!

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