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Missed an entire day of work waiting on someone who NEVER was going to show. Waited 3 weeks for a scheduled time to have my service installed only for the apt to be canceled without any form of notification.

My apt was one of those "your technician shall arrive between 8 and 11so when he didn't show by 0930 I called but was assured he would be there between the 8 and 11 timeframe. Well that time came and went but when I called back at 11:30 I was told "sorry but he will be there today"? LOL never showed and when I called to complain the customer service supervisor informed me that the apt had been canceled "DAY'S EARLIRE" but couldn't tell me by who or for what reason. Was clear from the onset that the entire customer service staff couldn't have cared less that they had wasted my entire day which eventfully cost me a rare vacation day.

I even heard the staff laughing not only at me but at others whop had called into the call center.

To add insult to injury they actually had the gall to suggest I reschedule my apt for the earliest date available which was almost a month away. I have DISH coming tomorrow to install ne service!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Technical Support.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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