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when I signed up for direct tv I was told I was getting the upgraded equipment package and was not given an option for any other equipment.the day the service was installed I contacted customer service because I was unable to pause my channels or record, I was told that I did not have that feature but it could be added for an extra 25.00 a month, I advised them that I was told I was getting the upgraded equipment package and the dvr feature had never been mentioned to me, she then said she could add the feature for an additional $15 a month, I still felt I should not have to pay for it because I was never informed I would not have that feature and I believed it should be included, I ask to speak with a supervisor and was told there wasn't one and they wouldn't be able to add the feature for less than the additional $15 a month.

I did not want to pay extra, I was already paying more than I thought I would be.. after a couple of weeks of my husband complaining about not having the feature I finally gave in and agreed to the additional $15 a month. I call customer service only to be 1st hung up on and not called back, and 2nd being told that I would now have to pay $199 to get the feature because it requires different equipment, mind you I was told from the beginning I was getting upgraded equipment, and I only had 14 days to redeem the 1st offer, I asked for a supervisor again, ahhh what a joke, I was given to supervisor Maria in FL, who proceeded to treat me like I was this biggest *** that ever walked. I informed Maria that I have worked in call centers for several years and have been an assistant program manager, I understand if there is nothing she can do but I was never informed of the 14 day rule to change my mind, nor was I aware that my equipment would need to changed.

She then stated that there was no need to inform me of that. Again she had decided that instead of helping me, her job was to treat me like I was the biggest *** that walked. I feel like I was lied to from the very beginning, I would never recommend direct tv to anyone I know, and as soon as I can get out of this contract without being screwed for hundreds of dollars, I will be gone. Not only was I deceived, not correctly educated about the service and not given the options to even make a choice, but then I call into your customer service department to be treated like I was less than human, by someone that I am basically paying.

You really need to train your employees that the paying customers are who pays their paychecks, without customers they would have no jobs.

If I had ever caught one of my agents talking to a customer that way, they would have been immediately coached on their behavior.It is people like Maria who have no business being a supervisor, she apparently thinks that title is a power trip.

Review about: Directv Tv Package.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.


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