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Direct TV is the Devil. Let's start this off by giving you a timeline.

Note- I am in the Military and was being stationed outside the U.S….thus, Direct TV would not have service where I was moving to. I was to be exempt from any type of Early Termination Fee, just as their contract stated, and was confirmed by customer service before I arranged for installation, and again upon cancellation.

Sept. 18, 2009- I arranged for my service to be cancelled on the 28th.Sept. 28, 2009- My service is cancelled as per request. Sept 30, 2009- My bank account which was used to automatically pay my monthly bill was charged $350 for an Early Termination fee. I called to remind them of the situation and that I was not to be charged these fees. They apologized for the inconvenience and guaranteed that I would be refunded in full in 14-21 days.Oct 20, 2009- Still no refund. I call again. "Oh we are sorry Sir, it looks like the waiver was not sent up and authorized, we'll get that done right away. It should only take 14-21 days".Nov 15, 2009- Still no refund. I call again. "Oh we are sorry, for some reason it appears that no waiver has been made, I am making one right now that will be sent up and signed off, this will only take 14-21 days"Dec, 10, 2009- STILL NO REFUND. "Sorry, we are getting it authorized right now. Guaranteed you will receive it in 14-21 days. I personally apologize for this, this is not usually our standard of customer service."Jan 15, 2010- STILL NO REFUND. Yada yada yada.. "14-21 days"

What I put in quotes was only the end of each conversation, but every single time I called I had to go through this every time….(by the way, never once did I call and yell, which I am actually very proud of, I don't think many people could have done that)

"Thank your for calling Direct TV Customer Service the service that goes above and beyond for you, how may I assist you with the setup or adding of account features today?"

-"actually I'm calling to discuss the status of a refund I was supposed to receive a long time ago, can you please just transfer me to your billing department"

"Oh well I'm sorry Sir, let me see if I can take a look at it first and help"

"you won't be able to, please just transfer me, I have done this dance before. I'm not made at YOU, but this needs to get taken care of"

"Well Sir, I'm very appreciative of your patience and I promise to get to the bottom of all this, please just bare with me for a few moments while I access your account information"


"I see that you were billed for $350 dollars as a result of an Early Termination Fee, in which case that would be a valid charge and thus you would not be refunded that amount"

"yep, that's the problem. I'm wasn't supposed to be charged a termination fee"

"We cannot exempt you from that fee Sir, it is mentioned in detail in your contract that was signed"

"yea well, I was already told that I was to be refunded the money since the cancellation was due to Military Deployment, and that I was to receive it no later than 14-21 days….that was 4 ½ months ago."

"Oh I see….let me transfer you to the Billing Department"


And after I have the exact conversation with the next person, I will get transferred again to Account Management. Where I will then be told that after 4 months of being told a refund was on the way, it turns out, no report has even been started. This whole process takes about 45 minutes every time, there is a lot of small talk that I left out, but you get the gist of it. So once again I am told that it is being escalated to the next level to be "signed off" and thus I will receive a refund in (take a guess) 14-21 days.

To this day, I am still waiting……

Review about: Directv Service Transfer.

Monetary Loss: $350.

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We also cancelled our DTV service, due to a military PCS. Here we are, over 3 months past the date of cancellation and we are still battling to get the correct refund amount.

What DTV did what after we cancelled service, was they went and changed our promotional rates (taking away credits and causing a negative balance), because we did not meet the 2 year contact. Apparently DTV isn't aware of the Servicemember's Civil Relief Act!

We will be going to Navy Legal soon, for assistance...

The service was great with DTV, but this billing runaround we've been getting with DTV is just absolutely ridiculous!!! Never again will I go with DTV, unless I plan to transfer from home to home stateside...






I have also had nothing but bad experiences with Direct TV Customer Service. Every time I call on this issue I have to wait through menus and messages, and get put on hold for up to an hour every phone call. Each time the representatives are clueless, and depite the account "Notes" I have to re-explain everything each time. I am always promised that the issue will be handled, and ultimately nothing is addressed.

I became a direct TV user in April 2010. I rent a house NEXT DOOR to my house. In June my tenant asked if she could order direct tv. IT is my house the equipment and wiring is going in, and my time (3 weekend days since your installer cancelled the first 2 appointments (each keep my at home for the entire 4-6 window)), So at a minimum,I want the 100 refer a friend discount that I am entitled.

BEFORE any installation I called that department and spoke to Kiron who added my discount.

About 4 weeks later I called and there was no knowledge of this discount. After much trouble with the

representative, I reached a supervisor. She claimed she found the notes, and processed the credit.

She gave me reference #134642 to track the issue.

Today - no credit yet so I called again. My tenant is getting her credit. What about the person that

referred her - ME - No credit.

The reference number - A FLAT OUT LIE - no one knows what it is. Today I spoke to April (#36306) who

again says I will get the credit soon, but again no proof.


Thanks for the e mail here. this is what I went through and the letter I sent

Mrs. Filipaik,

I recently tried to sign up for your Direct TV service but was unsuccessfull due to the negligence and incompetance of your sales and customer service teams and supervisors. Let me provide you with a timeline.

Fri Aug 20th-decided to try out Direct TV in my new home and called in with questions about packages and pricing. After discussion with sales rep agreed to sign up and was told installation could not be

completed until Tues Sept 7th-more than two and a half weeks later! Although this is completely ridiculous and should be a matter of grave concern to your company, I decided to wait and have no TV

anyway in good faith. Was told appointment would be between 8-12 in the morning.

Tues Sept 7th 12:00-Tech has failed to show. Waited about a half hour and then called to find out what was the cause of the delay. When I spoke with a customer service rep I was told that the installation techs' GPS was unable to locate my home. This is curious considering I live in a well populated area within the city limits and have had several other contractors out here since the move who seemed to have no problems. When the tech called me for directions it turns out your sales team put the wrong phone # into your system and he could not reach me. This problem was part of the discussion with the sales rep during the time I signed up on Aug 20th. I must have repeated to him on at least two occasions that the phone# is 336-253-2446 not 236-253-2446. The customer service rep corrected the phone # problem and told me that I would be called within the next half hour

2:00-A different repesentative called me and told me they would not be able to install the cable until the following Sat. Having already waited three weeks for such a simple thing I told the

representative to cancel service and I would have Time Warner here the next day. This is the beginning of a pattern which repeated itself FOUR times over the next 24 hours. I was transferred to cancellations. There I was told that I would recieve credits for the inconvenience and someone would call me.....again within the next 20-30 minutes and the situation would be resolved.

3:00- Nobody called me back so I called in again and told the rep this time if it wasn't installed by the end of the day that they needn't bother. I was told again that I would be called back within the next 20-30 minutes and the situation would be taken care of.

4:00- Once again I was not called back so I had to call in again. This time the rep told me that my case was being escalated and that I would recieve more credits. I was also told at this time that a supervisor would call me back and that it would be arranged for someone to come out in the morning to do the install. Between the promise of a supervisor getting involved and finally taking care of this and the supposed credits I decided to give your company until morning.

Wed Sept 7th 9:30-Your Supervisor(s) have not called me back and there is no indication that any installation is going to be done. I call in get transferred around and one last time, get told the same thing I was told the night before. We're sorry, let me transfer you, a supervisor will call you back blah blah blah This time one of the reps actually gave me a direct number to your installation contractors out here to see if i could arrange something directly. When I called the number 1-866-550-5083 and spoke with their rep after several minutes I was told they only did service on apartment buildings and not private homes. Fortunately, he gave me the number to call for private home installation 1-800-422-1230 and guess what.......its your companie's #. Just got sent in a full circle Wow pretty bad.

12:00-Supervisors have not called me back for the second time. At this point I call in and when the rep says hello all I say to him is 'I want you to read the notes on my account and get me your supervisor. After being put on hold for ten minutes and not getting one he attempts to transfer me around some more to some other department, At this point its par for the course and it is clear that I must cancel service and am now writing you this letter.

Here is my account that was info

Vincent Larkin

315 Lucas Park Dr

Greensboro NC 27455


account# 52644618

Unless there is some further communication I intend to spend a great deal of time and energy to circulate this ridiculous experience around the internet as well as among my friends, family, and community.

Most Sincerely

Vincent Larkin


I sent an e-mail with my complaints to the below e-mail and the Corporate Office called me 2 hours later !!

Ms. Ellen Filipiak

SR VP, Customer Care

2230 E Imperial Highway

El Segundo, CA 90245



right on moondog. don't forget contact your BBB as well!!


Where do I start....

When I order a PPV the automated system mixes up the recivers. According to DTV, all Non HD PPV's should play on all recievers.

In fact, that is not the case. (I have made multiple complaints with NO resolution). Secondly, when calling 800-531-5000 to order a PPV, aoutomated system gets you to payment step and transfers back to "hold que" to speak with DTV Rep. When I address the Rep about the fact that my contractual right to end service, I end up with attitude and threats.

I can go on with issues.

Thanks Direct TV, I appreciate the crappy customer service. :( :roll


8) wait no longer! What you should do is get online, search for your states attorney general and file a complaint.

Most people do not understand in most states a sat. TV receiver unit is actually concidered an apliance and is highly protected in most states consumer protection laws. ow in MI, they have 10 days from the day of the cal to fix the problem or get yuou to extend the problem. In your case, "being in the military", they are suppose to allow an exception to your early termination.

So there is the title to your complaint. You are leaving the country and DIRECTV is not honoring your military statis. Your states AG will mediate the problem and usually have everything under control in a matter of a few weeks.

Just think though, a place like directv wouldnt like to see a letter from the state AG's office, so they are going to do everything they can to get them off their backs. So good luck and go get them.

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