Notes on my Direct TV: "Cust thought her original contract included free HD TV. I advised cust that we could add free HD TV however they had to be enrolled in auto bill payment.

Transferred to billing dept." "Cust was transferred to me however the agent misinformed cust re auto bill payment. I advised cust to sign up for auto bill payment on our website and then call us back to request free HD TV." That was over a year ago and I assumed I was not paying for the HD TV. Never looked at my actual bill as it was paid automatically. When I called today, a Direct TV supervisor argued with me for over half an hour.

He was the RUDEST person I have done business with EVER. He said that they were not offering free HD TV at the time of my contract. . SO I guess both of the agents "misinformed" me!

I was willing to take the blame for possibly misunderstanding . . and he did offer me 6 months of free HD TV - but was so rude about it. Not once did he show he valued his customer.

In the end - it was NOT about the $10 monthly fee - it was all about how to treat your customer! He would not tell me how to get ahold of his supervisor. Gave me her first name and said I would have to "start the process all over" to try to talk to her. In other words, I could call back hoping she was working.

I asked how I could contact corporate as I wanted to give feedback on their poor customer service - he said there is no way to contact corporate! He told me that they were rated number 1 in customer service - what he failed to mention that there is only 1 other competitor in our area . . WOW rated number 1 out of 2.


I work in a call center and we do everything we can to satisfy our customers (even at the cost of the company). We do this as we do not want people out there talking bad about our business - this guy could have cared less. In my work ethics - Customer is ALWAYS right. You never argue with a customer and you certainly are not blatantly rude.

I do like the service they provide to my home HOWEVER everytime I have called them, the agents are worthless.

Direct TV - get some training for customer service skills. And care what your customers are saying about you.

Review about: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $140.

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