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Decided to try Direct tv as it was cheaper. They were late to do the install, and only set up part of the package.

The next day I spent over three hours on the phone with their tech. trying to get the rest of the package to work. They refused to send someone out to do it and everything I did had no effect. Both my wife and I became so upset we told them to cancel the contract and come get their equipment but they refused.

They sent us some prepaid shipping boxes to send it back to them, and then they charged me $350 bucks for the wonderful experience of dealing with them. I wouldn't want anyone to go through what I did just to watch tv, which we couldn't really do since it never worked right.

Review about: Directv Tv Package.

Monetary Loss: $350.

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DirectTV is not cheaper,the customer thinks it is because they use the "bait and switch" tatic.The customers service is always more than what they were promised or goes up each month. the $350 is for early cancellation fees or $20 for every month left on contract,plus they may try and charge you for the equipment which is around $400.If you have a tracking # for the equipment,save it as this will be your proof they got their equipment,if you do not have a tracking # and they try to charge you,call ups or whoever you sent the equipment through and ask if they have a record of this transaction. the treatment DTV gets away with should be against the law but somehow they continue to do this over and over to customers.

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