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My husband and I had to relocate to an apartment. We were told that where we would be living they did not allow any kind of satellites.My husband called directv to tell them our situation explaining that it was not our fault we had to relocate and would not be able to keep the service and if it was possible to wave the cancellation fee.

He also let them know that he had a letter from the manager of the apartments stating he would not be able to have a satellite. They told him they would not be able to do,so my husband asked to speak their supervisor.However that only got him to stay on hold for a very long time until the call got disconnected. When he finally was able to talk to someone again he was told that the service was already cancelled so they would not be able to send a technician to make sure they would not be able to put up the satellite. As much as my husband tried, I say we got screwed over.

This is the worst company we have dealt with and you can bet that we will never be getting this service,or recommend it to anyone. STAY AWAY!!!

Monetary Loss: $200.

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You signed a contract and took advantages of their discounts offered for signing the contract, why should they let you off the hook when you broke the contract? Maybe find an apartment that allowed you a dish? Just sayin'


A lot of places do not allow dish because the installers have a history of destroying property and DirectTv leaves their eyesore of a dish attached to their property and removal of the dish often results in roof damage.

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