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dtv ripped me off. they garunteed my bill would be 54$ the first month and after year 1 it would go to 77$.

After the 1st year my bill went to 100$ and that is with just basic service with no movie channels or nothing added or special.

the customer service was terrible. When i called i9 told the lady i am a woman, which my voice sounds like a woman and she kept calling me sir.

this has been an awful experience. Then i called three more times and they said they would lower bill but in actuality they never did...

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Similar situation for me. They added this fee and that charge after the first year ended.

It is costing me more than what they'd said it would cost for the 2nd year.

I guess there's a few incidentals they just forgot to mention.... I'll be so relieved when my contract is up!!

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