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I have called Directv for 6 Months now because every month my bill is $50 More than what it is suppose to be! Everytime I call they fix the problem..until the next month!

Then I have the same problem. They were suppose to bundle my internet NEVER did. I've been dealing with this for 6 months now and I asked to cancel my service apparently I have to pay a $340 Fee in which when I signed up I was not informed there was a 2 year contract!!! On top of that one my FIRST phone call with them when getting signed up I told the lady I JUST BOUGHT MY HOUSE I DO NOT WANT THE DISH INSTALLED ON MY HOUSE!!

The guy gets there and trys to charge me $75!!

I also have problems with my reciever now after my third call they are going to send me a new one!! Seriously it's their fault my bill is always wrong why can't they just cancel my service and we can be done with it?!?

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One of the many problems I had with them was my bill never being correct. DTV does not remove their eyesore of a dish from your roof.

About the bundle, DTV advertises they bundle but actually you will get 2 separate bills one from DTV and one from whoever you use for phone/internet service.By your accepting the new receiver,you might want to ask DTV if this extends your contract for another 2 yrs.

DirectTV wants to get every penny out of their customers that they can and they don't always use the honest way. One thing to remember is before you decide to cancel their service,make sure you change the # on the account they have on file for you or otherwise they will automatically charge this account and when returning their equipment get a tracking # to prove they get it otherwise they may try to charge for this also.

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